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About Us

Company Overview

Metalla Royalty and Streaming Ltd. is a precious metals royalty and streaming company engaged in the acquisition and management of precious metal royalties, streams, and similar production based interests.
  • A pure-play gold/silver streaming and royalty company
  • Fixed per ounce acquisition cost means unlimited leverage to gold/silver prices
  • No exploration risk, mining risk, and project risk
  • Diverse structure focused on deals $2million – $10million
  • Immediate cash flow from producing operations
  • Public multiples on cash flow average 30x
  • Low insolvency risk due to asset-secured lending position
Approach to Royalty/Stream Acquisitions
  • Focused on precious metals streams and royalties
    • Gold
    • Silver
  • Management’s operating track record
  • Profit margin & position on the industry cost curve
  • Counterparty risk, jurisdictional risk, technical risk
  • Producing assets
  • Compliance with the Group’s corporate social responsibility policy
  • Detailed due diligence on assets production profile
  • Site visits by technical team and independent technical advisors
  • Production assumptions based on existing mineable reserves, resources conversion assumptions evaluated on case-by-case basis
  • Consider other factors such as geology, infrastructure and permitting, which could impact production volumes or mine life
  • Legal ownership, permits, licenses, operating agreements, titles, and corporate structure
Growth Strategy
  • Organic streams and royalties
  • Execute pipeline
  • Consolidate orphan royalties
    • Royalties held by private parties
    • Non-core royalties
    • Consolidate streams/royalties held by funds
    • Streams/Royalties held by funds that want leverage from public market multiples