Fifteen Mile Stream


The Fifteen Mile Stream Project is located 57km northeast of St Barbara’s central milling facility at its Touquoy deposit located in Nova Scotia, Canada. The project lies along the same geological trend as other related deposits – Touquoy, Beaver Dam and Cochrane Hill. All are hosted within the same critical stratigraphy and structure, over a strike length of 80 km. 

The Fifteen Mile Stream project was recently acquired by St Barbara through its takeover of Atlantic Gold on July 19, 2019 for C$802 million in cash. Since acquisition, St Barbara Mining continued exploration at Fifteen Mile Stream with the expansion of mineralization at the 149 Deposit, Seloam Brook and the discovery of mineralization between the previously defined deposits, Hudson and Egerton-MacLean. 

Permitting activities at Fifteen Mile Stream are ongoing, construction is anticipated to begin in St. Barbara's FY26. 

Interest: 1% NSR Royalty, 3% NSR on Plenty & Seloam Brook deposits

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

Project Status: Development

Counterparty: St Barbara Mining (ASX: SBM)

St. Barbara - Fifteen Mile Stream

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